Our services

As industrial, commercial and residential scaffolding specialists, we take on all projects – big and small – with the same experience and expertise. You can trust us to handle all your scaffolding requirements accurately and efficiently. Safety and proficiency are at the top of our list when it comes to the work we undertake. We understand that there is great risk involved in our line of work, which is why we take the utmost care with all our service offerings, from the briefing phase to setup and completion.


Whether it is a construction, mining, energy or oil and gas site, we have the necessary expertise and equipment to carry out industrial scaffolding setups. From shutdowns and different access solutions to temporary enclosures and stair towers, we bring a wealth of experience and skills to industrial projects, thus ensuring an excellent quality scaffolding job. We understand that work needs to carry on as usual and we complete our work as efficiently and precisely as possible to guarantee minimal downtime.


Working on premises like shopping centers or hotels presents a different process, as these properties still need to look as neat and as attractive as possible while construction work is being completed. A commercial business’s appearance is of importance, and we try our utmost to ensure that industry best practices are followed as neatly as possible, while causing minimal interruption to the day-to-day operation of the business.


If you are thinking of upgrading or building a new home and require scaffolding for the job, contact the team at Wellgate scaffolding. Your home is your pride and joy, and when it comes to renovating it, you need the best possible team on your side. When conducting a home renovation project, we take every precaution into consideration, as your home still needs to be accessed conveniently. We will come out to assess the property beforehand to ensure that we set up the scaffolding in a way that causes minimal disruption to you and your family.

Safety measures

Safety measures are one of the most important factors to take into account when it comes to scaffolding. Whether the project involves creating a temporary enclosure or building a 10-storey scaffold tower, there are stringent protocols that our staff adheres to. We have all the correct equipment and training to ensure all scaffolding is put together in the correct manner without jeopardizing anyone’s safety throughout the setup or after completion.

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